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  1. I grew up in Wilmette in the 1960s and there are three songs we sang that were parodies of popular songs.

    HOME ME THE WAY TO GO SHOW (Show Me The Way To Go Home)

    Home me the way to go show
    I'm bed and I want to go to tired
    I had a little hour about a drink ago
    and it head right to my went.


    Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer do
    I'm half crazy over the love of you
    It won't be a stylish marriage
    I can't afford a carriage
    but you'll look sweet, upon the seat
    of a bicycle built for two.

    Henry, Henry, here is my answer true
    I'm not that crazy
    all for the love of you
    if you can't afford a carriage
    there won't be any marriage
    'Cause I'll be damned
    if I'll get crammed
    on a bicycle built for two

    The third one just left my brain - that's what happens when you grew up in the 60s! I'll post it when I remember it!

  2. Lizzie Borden took an axe
    And gave her mother forty whacks
    When she saw what she had done
    She gave her father forty one.

    New England (1970's)

  3. (sung to the famous middle-eastern belly-dance melody)

    All the girls in France
    Wear tissue-paper pants
    When they climb up a pole
    You can see their heiny-hole

    Heard this in Conestoga, PA, around 1959. May also be "toilet-paper pants" for that extra measure of naughtyness.

  4. Don't see this one already in your index. It's fairly well known.

    Elmira, NY 1969 "Down by the river where nobody goes, there lies (female name) without any clothes. Here comes (male name) swinging on a chain. Zipped down the zipper and out it came."

  5. Three six nine, the goose drank wine,
    The monkey chewed tobacco on the street car line,
    The line broke, the monkey got choked
    And they all went to heaven in a little rowboat, clap clap

    My mommy told me
    If I was goody
    That she would buy me
    A rubber dolly
    My aunty told her
    I kissed a soldier
    Now she won't buy me
    A rubber dolly

    Oh Mary Mac Mac Mac
    All dressed in black black black
    She asked her mother mother mother
    For twenty-five cents cents cents
    To see the elephants elephants elephants
    Who jumped the fence fence fence
    They jumped so high high high
    They touched the sky sky sky
    And never came back back back
    Till late July lie lie

    Happy Birthday To You
    You Live In A Zoo
    You Look Like a Monkey
    You Smell Like One Too

    And Many More
    On Channel Four
    And Scooby Doo
    On Channel Two
    And Frankenstein
    On Channel Nine

  6. No Mary had a Steamboat?

    Vancouver, 1980s:

    Mary had a steamboat
    The steamboat had a bell
    When Mary went to heaven
    The steamboat went to
    Hello operator
    Please give me number nine
    And if you disconnect me
    I'll kick you from
    Behind the yellow curtain
    There was a piece of glass
    When Mary sat upon it
    She hurt her little
    Ask me no more questions
    I'll tell you no more lies
    The boys are in the bathroom
    Doing up their
    Flies are in the city
    The bees are in the park
    Mary and her boyfriend
    Are kissing in the D A R K dark!

  7. Also Vancouver 1980s:

    Do your balls hang low?
    Can you swing them to and fro?
    Can you tie 'em in a knot?
    Can you tie 'em in a bow?
    Can you sling them over your shoulder
    Like a continental soldier
    Do your balls hang low?

    (Balls was occasionally replaced with boobs)

  8. Dr: It's on here under "Lulu" and "Miss Suzie"


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